What happens when you go to bed without brushing your teeth?
What happens when you go to bed without brushing your teeth?

Everyone has done it. It’s OK, we understand. You had a long hard day and the last thing you want to do is add another step to your nightly routine before going to bed.  While you’ve probably experienced the ensuing bad breath, the most obvious side effect of skipping your brushing and flossing session, you might not have been aware of the other havoc you were simultaneously wreaking on your mouth.  Therefore, the reasoning behind brushing your teeth before bed is pretty convincing, and we’re sure you’ll be a fully-converted night-time tooth brusher.

Bacteria is constantly forming on your teeth. Most people are familiar with the sticky or fuzzy feeling the bacteria creates; that’s the beginning of plaque. Regular brushing and flossing removes the bacteria and plaque so it doesn’t become tartar (the hard yellow stuff that the dentist works so diligently to remove).

When you skip brushing and flossing, however, tartar begins to build up, and your risk of tooth decay begins to increase. At night, your mouth and teeth are inactive and don’t produce the same amount of saliva as during the day, removing one of the mouth’s most important defense mechanisms.

So, next time you’re feeling too lazy to brush and floss and you just want to curl up in bed, consider your oral health. And remember, mouthwash isn’t a substitute for brushing and flossing.

Make sure you’re taking the best care of your body and make brushing and flossing, twice a day, a priority. Your body will thank you for it!



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